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Field Trips

Hazards in the Megacity of Manila | Mayon Volcano | Typhoon Haiyan Impacts |
Taal Volcano Field Trip

Field Trip 1: Hazards in the Megacity of Manila (Pre-conference, 1-2 days)
Attendees will visit Manila, the sprawling capital of the Philippines and a city that experiences a multitude of natural hazards from consistent seasonal flooding and typhoons to periodic earthquakes and a constant risk of tsunamis. Sites include the flooded communities of northern Manila and a visit to the Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) Center and UP Resilience Institute for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (UPIRDRRM). Organizers will provide city-transport and lunch, and participants will cover their own hotel accommodations, breakfast and dinner. We are still costing out and finalizing details.

Field Trip 2: Mayon Volcano (Pre-conference, 2.5-3 days)
In this pre conference fieldtrip attendees will visit the Mayon volcano to investigate the monitoring that is going on and the impact of recent events on the local population. The estimated cost is USD450 to USD500 per person and includes accommodation, local transportation and meals.
Day 1Mayon observatory (evening Mayon film)
Day 2Lahars and damaged villagers
Day 3Mayon from a distance

Field Trip 3: Typhoon Haiyan Impacts (Post-conference, 2.5-3 days)
This post conference trip will investigate the impact of Typhoon Haiyan on Tacloban and surrounding areas. Attendees will see informal communities, community aid projects, post events mapping efforts, historical evidence of past events, geomorphic and sedimentary records of Haiyan and ongoing palaeotempestology programs. The estimated cost is USD450 to USD500 per person and includes accommodation, local transportation and meals.
Day 1 PMTanuan and Tacloban (coastal erosion,
storm surge heights and typhoon deposits
Day 2 AM/PMHernani and Guiuan surf beat, structural damage,
1897 impacts and boulders
Day 3 AMTacloban floated ships and informal settlements

Field Trip 4: Taal Volcano Field Trip (Pre- and Post-Conference, 0.5-1 day)
Field trip on Lake Taal (by boat) and to Taal Volcano (by foot or horse, to be decided) will also be organized with local tour operators. These trips will allow delegates to visit the crater lake and the small villages on the edge of the lake. Costs will cover lunch, transport from the conference venue, boat across the lake, and tour guides. Estimated cost is USD40-70 per person, depending on numbers and the tour operators.